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The Women’s’ Health Center consists of a multi-specialty team that includes gynecology consultants, specialists, residents, and nursing team with high qualifications and extensive experiences.

The clinics are equipped with the most modern and latest medical equipment. The newest imaging devices are also available for fetal CTG, radiologists are performing the necessary imaging for all female diseases and a fetal growth scan at all stages during pregnancy.


1. Periodic inspection of the cervix and pelvic examination.
2. Early detection of cervical cancer.
3. Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted disease.
4. Diagnosis and treatment of any abnormal uterine bleeding throughout the woman life.
5. Treat involuntary leaking of urine in women.
6. Treat vaginal infections.


1. Hysterectomy (through the abdomen or laparoscopic).
2. Hysteroscopy.
3. Laparoscopic surgery.
4. Treatment of bleeding after menopause.
5. Treating molar pregnancy.
6. Repair cysto-rectocele including urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence.
7. Management of uterine prolapse at different ages and different stage.
8. Diagnosis and treatment of uterine fibroids and ovarian tumors and cysts.
9. Colposcopy.
10. Diagnosis and surgical and medical treatment of ectopic pregnancy.
11. Surgical management of allovarian benign masses for all different age groups.

Infertility treatment, delay in childbearing and menstrual problems

1. Diagnosis and treatment of infertility. The hospital is also in the process of establishing a specialized infertility center equipped with all potentials.
2. Treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding.
3. Treatment of premenstrual syndrome.
4. Treatment of Endometriosis.
5. Treatment of menopausal symptoms and signs.

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