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Vascular surgery clinic at ALMOOSA specialist hospital provides diagnostic and therapeutic services, including surgical and non-surgical treatment using vascular laser and catheterization.

Our clinic has a highly qualified medical staff and it is the most distinguished clinic in the entire eastern province as it performs multiple surgeries in various branches of specialization with the best possible results,

We compete to provide outstanding service, not only in the Kingdom but also, in the whole Gulf region. our clinic is supported by a number of technicians and qualified nursing staff with high degrees, many training courses in the field of specialization.

  • Varicose veins clinic

    – Foam Sclerotherapy

    – Ambulatory Phlebectomy

  • Diabetic foot and peripheral arteries clinic

    Diabetic foot infection is one of the most important problems that affect diabetics, as well as blockage of arteries that can lead to serious complications up to limb amputation or death.

    We diagnose and treat diabetic foot through therapeutic catheter, and we use the balloon to open and dilate the arteries in addition to placing arterial stents to avoid the amputation or limb loss.

  • Peripheral vascular catheterization

    Interventional catheterization is a revolution in the field of vascular surgery, we use it in the treatment of blockage of the peripheral arteries, through which the diagnostic and therapeutic tests are carried out non-surgically, as it does not require general anesthesia and the patient can leave the hospital on the same day or the next day maximum in most cases.

  • Hemodialysis access clinic

    This clinic provides services required for hemodialysis patients such as: placing permanent hemodialysis catheterization, simple and complex arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis, dissolve the clots to restore the renal function, in addition we perform catheter Interventions for Hemodialysis Fistulas and Grafts

  • Central venous interventional catheterization

  • Surgical team to treat neck tumors:

  • Aortic interventions

– We use the latest devices in the treatment of various cases

– We offer the latest techniques in treating varicose veins using laser, radiofrequency ablation, catheterization, or injection

– We offer a Distinctive service in the field of venous and arterial diseases using peripheral endovascular interventions

– We perform the most complex and most critical surgical interventions using aortic interventional catheterization, which contributes to save the lives of accident patients and other patients. The first case at the hospital was performed to repair an aortic transection in less than one hour.

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