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Sleep is one of the most important processes in the human body, but you do not fall asleep at once, the process of sleeping includes four continuous stages and any defect in these stages will cause sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders are any condition that deprives us from getting good quality sleep, to the extent that impairs our functions and our daily activities. Most of these conditions: Sleep apnea and insomnia. If left untreated it may cause health complications such as: hypertension, arrhythmia and stroke.


• High snoring
• Sleep Apnea
• Wheezing Waking up on snoring or
• Headache
• Frequent desire to urinate
• Hypertension
• Overweight
• Difficulty concentrating especially during day time
• Lack of activity
• Feeling tired and nervous during driving
• Difficulty sleeping
• kicking during sleep


You can identify symptoms of widespread sleep disorders, through a visit to a specialized consultant in sleep disorders, where a thorough assessment of your condition will be performed and then a final diagnosis and treatment plan will be discussed after the examination at our sleep disorders center.

How To Prepare For The Sleep Study

• Arrive at 8:00 pm to admission office
• Elderly patients should come with a companion
• Mobile: switched during the procedure
• Sleep: no naps on procedure day
• Caffeine: no coffee or soft drinks on procedure day
• Personal belongings: bring your own slippers, tooth brush and book
• Medication: bring your chronic medications
• Procedure explained to patient in Arabic and English as needed
• Hygiene: shower before the procedure
• Hair: men advised to cut hair short and shave beard at areas needed, no gel no spray
• Women: no gel and no hair spray or hair henna on procedure day
• The procedure finishes at 5:30 am thus you have to make sure your transportation to your home is available by that time
• if you have any flu symptoms or you felt sick you need to inform the department at least one day before procedure time to reschedule 0135369666-ext: 1298
• Not adhering to the above instructions will lead to unsuccessful test

What You Can Expect During The Sleep Study

You arrive at the sleep center in the evening for sleep study and stay overnight. The room where sleep study is done is similar to a bed room, and it’s dark and quiet during the test. You don’t share the room with anyone else. When you are ready for the test the sleep lab technician place sensors on your face, head, chest, abdomen and legs where the machine records your brain waves, heart rate and breathing, the oxygen level in your blood, as well as eye and leg movements during the study.

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