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Our Cardiac Center at Almoosa Hospital combines special services and outstanding skills presented by experienced team with a great experience in treating cardiothoracic diseases for both adults and children, using the latest innovations and scientific methods in treatment.

Also, the center has exceptional capabilities in diagnosing, treating and following up with cardiac patients through surgical and non-surgical procedures and interventional Catheter.

External Cardiac Clinics

The external clinics provide comprehensive services for all the cardiac patients who need a full evaluation of their condition and a constant care
We also offer non-interventional cardiac services for adults and children as we diagnose the case without surgical intervention using ECCO, TEE, MRI, Nuclear diagnostic imaging and effort measuring device.

Cardiothoracic for Adults and Children

– Pulmonary valve balloon
– Aortic valve balloon
– Atrial sepal opening
– Prop arterial link
– PDA closure
– ASD closure
– Prop narrow aorta

Cardiac Catheterization

If your child or one of your relative needs an interventional cardiac catheterization, then ALMOOSA specialist cardiac center is your destination
– Diagnose and treat Coronary artery diseases
– Diagnose and treat cardiac valve diseases
– Diagnose and treat Peripheral arterial diseases
– Diagnose and treat congenital disabilities for adults
– Diagnose and treat Pericardial membrane diseases
– Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)
– Electrophysiology study
– Install cardiac pacemaker
– Install ICD

The cardiac center is supported with wide range of service and advanced technologies such as CCU, ICU, PICU, Digital OR, Rehabilitation and Anastasia team

  • Multiple Diagnostic and Therapeutic Options For Heart Diseases

    Exceptional capabilities in diagnosing, treating and following up with cardiac patients through surgical and non-surgical procedures.

  • Exceptional Results

    Our team of specialists and consultants provides the best treatment methods to reach the best results and minimize the recovery period.

  • 24/7 Readiness

    We are here for you twenty four hours a day. Our ER department works non-stop and our Interventional Catheter Lab is always ready to receive the cases, within the international standards for the specified time for a catheter interventional procedure.

  • Minimal Surgical Intervention

    we are committed to provide the safest options using latest technological methods in treatment to accomplish the best results and to minimize recovery time. All this is performed by elite, well-known doctors and consultants. Technologies include:

    – Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)
    – Rotablator device which is an optimal device to ablate calcium in coronary arteries in most difficult cases through the catheterization without the need for surgical intervention
    – Latest methods of treatment for Heart rhythm disorders through catheterization in the cardiac electrophysiology lab which equipped with the latest devices and technologies
    – Pacemaker Implantation

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