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The Orthopedic Center at Almoosa Specialist Hospital is one of the largest specialized centers in the region. We provide comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic services for all orthopedic cases through the most recent diagnosis methods such as (MRI), 3D-CT and surgical interventions with high-quality medical devices and equipment.

The center is supervised by professional consultants and specialists. We treat all orthopedic cases including car accidents injuries, sport and work related injuries in the outpatien clinics and in the 24\7 Emergency unit.

Our Sports Injuries unit is considered one of the most distinctive health care centers for athletes in the Alhassa region. As a health care provider to Al-Fath sports club, the unit has built and maintained a sterling reputation in the sports community especially with football clubs.

The center provides many services through its specialized units including

  • Hemi and Total Hip Replacement

  • Total Knee Replacement

  • Hemi and Total shoulder joint replacement

  • Internal fixation of hip fractures and pelvis

  • Internal fixation of limbs fractures

  • Bone grafts scaphoid fracture

  • Corrective Osteotomies to repair bone deformities

Services provided through Sports Injuries unit

  • Arthroscopy knee either diagnostic or therapeutic for partial menisectomy, partial synovectomy, chondroplasty, ACL and PCL reconstruction

  • Shoulder arthroscopy for Bankart repair, rotator cuff repair and Acromioplasty

Services provided through Physiotherapy unit

  • Assess the physical ability to participate in physical activities or exercising

  • Perform comprehensive health examination before exercising

  • Rehabilitation of sports injuries

  • Provide medical advice on exercising and weight loss

  • Consultation on physical activity or sport exercises for preventing against and treating certain conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure

– We use the latest diagnostic methods such as MRI and 3D-CT scans

– Accurate detection of osteoporosis and vitamin “D” deficiency

– Providing optimal treatment for sports injuries, where the center treat players of professional clubs registered in the Saudi Sports  Federation

– Using arthroscopy to treat sport and shoulder injuries

– Treating knee, hip and shoulder osteoarthritis with the latest findings in joint replacement surgeries

– Treating all types of fractures with the latest fixations

– Accuracy of diagnosis at the center provides the best treatment for severe malformations and Bone infections

– Providing rehabilitation for our patients through an integrated physiotherapy center, including highly experienced specialists and the latest rehabilitation equipment

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