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Migraine (headache) is a common disease which affects millions of people. It decreases work performance and negatively affects life style. There are different types of headache e.g. migraine, cluster, tension, structural (tumor, bleeding)…etc.

People with headache may experience:
• Sensitivity to light or noise
• Dizziness
• Eye pain
• Nausea or vomiting
• Vision blurring
• Visual aura, such as seeing “floaters” or bright spots
• Irritability

The migraine program provides compassionate diagnosis and care for acute and chronic headaches and raises the standard of care. Detailed history and physical examination are essential for diagnosis. This is supported by variety of tests to exclude other causes. These include laboratory, radiological and neurophysiology tests.

Treatment options:
When a patient is enrolled in the migraine management program, patient full assessment will be done by neurologist, who requests the required investigation to exclude structural causes like tumor, vascular disease and others. Treatment will be designed according to the patient’s headache type. This includes:
• Referral to a neurosurgeon if it is structural
• Medications

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