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Day surgery allows you to be admitted to hospital for surgery or a procedure and be discharged home on the same day. We try to reduce the length of stay in the hospital by shifting the majority of our operations to day surgery.

Thanks to short-acting anesthesia and our advanced surgical techniques. High-quality specialist care is provided with specially trained nurses caring for patients during their time on our day surgery unit.

If you are a day patient, you will be discharged home from the unit after only a few hours. There are a few patients who use our 23-hour overnight facility and who are discharged first thing in the morning the day after their operation. We will tell you in advance if we plan to keep you overnight.

Types of procedures performed in the day surgery:
• Urinary tract procedures.
• Ophthalmology Surgery.
• Pediatric operations.
• Surgery Ear, Nose, Throat and Audiology surgeries.
• Plastic surgeries.

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