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For Patients #

Every patient at Almooosa Specialist Hospital has the right to be informed about all aspects of  his healthcare. The following sections detail important information for the patient and his family.

Patient and Family Rights #

Because you are a valued patient in Almoosa Specialist Hospital (ASH), you and your family have the following Rights(Rights of children, elders and patients not able to exercise their rights will be granted to their families or guardians):

1-You have the right to understand and exercise all your rights.  You will receive a written copy of these rights from Reception, the Registration Office or the Nursing Staff.  If, for any reason, you do not understand your rights, please contact the Patient Relations Office and ask for help or an interpreter.

2-You have the right to receive impartial care without discrimination, including requests for pastoral services or similar requeststhat respect your values, spiritual, or religious beliefs from all authorized hospital staff.  This is subject to availability and without interfering with other patients’ safety, ASH’s work environment and violating ASH’s rules and regulations.

3- You have the right to receive comprehensive medical care, designed to reachproper diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury.

4-You have the right to receive immediate emergency care when indicated.

5-You have the right to know the identity of the physician or other practitioner responsible for your care.

6-You have the right to receive comprehensive information in a manner you can understand from your attending physician about your diagnosis and proposed treatment, any change in your health status, the cause of these changes, alternative treatments, potential benefits and drawbacks to the proposed treatment, the likelihood of successful treatment, possible problems related to recovery and possible results of non-treatment.

7-You have the right to have an interpreter (if available) if a language barrier presents a problem in your understanding the details of your care and the treatment provided to you.

8-You have the right to give your written general consent for treatment when you enter the hospital.

9-You have the right to give your written consent before surgical and invasive procedures, anesthesia, the use of blood and its products, and any other high-risk procedure and treatment.

10-You have the right to receive all information that you require before giving your consent to any procedure or treatment.  This information should include the benefits, available alternatives and the possible risks of the procedure or treatment.

11-You have the right to participate in care decisions. ASH encourages patients, parents or legal guardians to participate in planning and implementing treatment with nurses and physicians to the extent they wish to do so.

12-You have the right to maintain your privacy for all examinations, procedures, clinical interviews, transport, and treatments and to the confidentiality of all of your information.

13-You have the right to choose your treating physician, depending on availability and to reject a treating physician for any reason.  Also, you have the right to ask for a secondary opinion without fear of any consequence, in case of expected or unexpected complications, unsatisfactory results, or unanticipated risks.

14-You have the right to refuse the treatment (if you would like to) and to be informed of the medical consequences of your refusal.  In this regard, we will ask you to sign a form stating your refusal and to leave the hospital.

15-You have the right to refuse examination or observation by any person not directly responsible for your care.  Any such persons should have your permission to be present during case discussion, consultation, examination and treatment.

16-You have the right to be protected from physical, verbal and psychological assault.

17-You have the right to receive information from organizations that support your choice to donate organs and other tissues.  This information includes potential benefits and risks. You may call toll free #8001245500 and receive full information that supports your choice from the Saudi Center for Organ Donation.

18-According to ASH Policies and Procedures, depending on availability and your health status, you have the right to have a family member, guardian, or care partner as your companion, if needed.  Please note that, for medical or security reasons, certain units (ICU, Nursery, etc.) do not allow companions.

19-You have the right to receive a complete explanation of the need to be transferred to another treatment facility  and of all reasonable alternatives to such a transfer .The facility to which you are to be transferred must accept you before transfer.

21-You have the right to view your medical record under the supervision of the attending physician r or other members of the medical team responsible for  your treatment and through the Patient Relations Office, according to ASH Policies and Procedures.

20-You have the right to complain at any time to the  PatientRelationsOffice (contact Ext: 1423, mobile: 0552952660), without fear of reprisal,  about the care and services you are receiving, and ASH shall  respond to you.

22-ASH respects and supports patients’ rights to appropriate assessment and pain management, and provides education for patients and their families about pain and pain management.

23-ASH is committed to providing end-of-life care for terminally ill patients with respect and compassion.

24-You have the right to obtain a copy of your medical reports and test results from the Medical Records Departmenton request.  There is no additional charge for the first such request, but there will be charges for additional requests.

25-You have the right to receive an itemized bill and explanation of all charges regardless of whether they are paid by you or someone else.

26-You have the right to receive written discharge instructions or plans from the nursing team.  This plan will highlight follow-up treatment and instructions on how to care for yourself.

27-If you are asked to participate in medical research, you have the right to refuse or give written consent. You also have the right to end your participation at any time for any reason without compromising your access to the ASH services.

28-In case of new scientific research pertaining to your treatment, you have the right to refuse or give written consent. Your physician will inform you of all related matters including potential benefits and risks, therapeutic alternatives, and medical research protocols.

Patient Responsibilities #

Patients and family in the ASH, have the following responsibilities:

1. Respect and value the hospital rules and regulations while paying a visit or approaching for consultations.

2. Show consideration for others and deal with other patients and staff with respect.

3. Respect the privacy of other patients.

4. Provide complete and accurate information about the present complaints, past illness, hospitalization, treatment, and any known sensitivity to medication and any other matter relating to your health.

5. Follow the health care provider’s instructions.

6. Accept responsibility for refusing treatment or not following treatment plan even after explaining the risk of not following it.

7. Avoid any delay in taking appointment from the appointment office.

8. Attend the appointment on time and if you want to cancel it, inform the appointment section 48 hours in advance.

9. Respect the priority given to the emergency cases.

10. The patient is responsible for his role in assisting the ASH facility staff in the control of excessive noise, smoking and visitor’s regulation and control.

11. Ensure that financial obligations of your health care are fulfilled promptly (if it exists).

12. Give the requested samples and make the medical checkups on time with no delay.

13. Avoid bringing valuable personal things to the hospital since the hospital is not responsible for keeping them. However, in any emergency cases and unaccompanied admissions, you will have their valuables recorded in the Patients Valuable Receipt by the nurse in the presence of the patient and manager on duty and obtained their signature as patient’s valuable policy & procedures.

14. The patient and/or his/her family are responsible for being respectful of the property of ASH facility and other persons in the healthcare facility.

Insurance #

Our Insurance affiliates include:


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Global Med Saudi Company

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Arabian shield

Trade Union



Gulf Union






Saudi Enaya





Request Medical Records #

You have the right to request medical report and laboratory tests from the Medical Records Department. The first request is free and additional requests will be for a fee.

Telephone: 0135369666 – Ext: 1032

Email: M.reports@almoosahospital.com.sa

Disabled Access & Services #

Almoosa Specialist Hospital cares for disabled patients and their families by providing a safe environment and support to receive the optimum care.

For the well-being of people with special needs, the following are provided:

– Parking lots for the disabled.

– Entrance designed for people with special needs.

– Specially equipped bathrooms.

– Special seats for visitors with special needs are available next to all gates.

– Wheelchair transfer assistance for people with disabilities.

Planning your Hospital Stay #

The following section details information related to preparing for admission to the hospital.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor #

When your doctor tells you that you need to be admitted to the hospital, it is important that you understand why and what to expect.

Here are some questions to ask your doctor:

– Why do I need to be admitted, what treatment do I need, and how long will it take?
– What are the risks and benefits of treatment?
– Do I have any other options?
– How long will I stay in hospital?
When I return back home:
– What kind of help will I need with daily activities?
– How many times will I need follow-up checks after returning home?
– Will I need any special follow-up care, such as physiotherapy or home health care?

Contact your Insurance Company #

Most insurance companies require you to inform them before you are admitted. Contact your insurance company before going to the hospital and ask them about your coverage.

What to Bring #

– National identity card for citizens / residence card for resident.
– National identity card / residence permit if admission papers are completed by a relative).
– Medical insurance card.
– Names and phone numbers of family members or friends for emergency contact.

On Admission Day #

Kindly, come to the Admissions Office on the Ground Floor of the Old Building.

In the Admissions Office you will be asked to sign a form that allows the hospital to issue information to your insurance company, complete admission information, and pay fees.

Payment methods in the Admission Office -cash – ATM card – Visa – MasterCard – bank transfer (on condition that you bring transfer details and coordinate in advance – certified check

Available Wards, Departments & Room Types #

Available wards include: Male Ward – Female Ward – Maternity Ward – Pediatric Ward – Nursery Ward – Intensive Care Ward – Cardiac Care Ward – Neurology Care Ward – Neonates Care Ward – Day Surgery Ward – Hematology & Oncology Ward.

Available room types are:



ICU 1800
PICU 1800
NICU 1000
CCU 1800

Your Room #

All rooms at Almoosa Specialist hospital were design for your own comfort and convenience.

Most rooms at Almoosa Specialist Hospital include:

– Electronically operated households
– Bedside table and cabinets for your personal belongings
– Television
– Menu for the hospital kitchen in case the doctor allowed you.
– We have a team of chefs from different nationalities in addition to Department of Nutrition Services; we are committed to providing a variety of health lists to meet the needs of patients.

Daily Meals #

You will receive three meals a day. You will also get a form that allows you to select your menu for the next day. If you want a light meal, you can inform your nurse.

We also have trolley for light snacks that visits patient rooms between meals.

Companions #

1. The hospital provides a bed for one companion and all rooms are equipped with a convertible bed if a family member wishes to stay with the patient.
2. Female companions can enjoy the spa and skincare services provided by the Wellness Center in the hospital for a fee.

Preparing For Your Appointment #

You should make the most of the time you spend with your physician to check on your health. Here are some ways to prepare for your appointment:

Before Coming to The Hospital #

– Write down your symptoms so that you can discuss how you feel with your doctor – the more information you give, the better you can get.
– Make a list of your questions and concerns before your appointment so that you can discuss them with your doctor.
– Make a list of your current medications and dosage.
– Confirm your appointment date and time before coming to the hospital.

What to Bring #

– If your condition is complicated you can bring a member of your family or a friend to help you describe your status and your symptoms. This person can support you while taking notes and ask additional questions.

– Contact the hospital in advance if you need an interpreter or any asistive devices.

– Do not forget to bring your national ID / residency card and medical insurance card.

Preparing for a Procedure #

We are keen to provide to you the best health care services when you visit the hospital. These are the papers and information you will need to bring when being admitted and discharged:

At the Admission Office #

At admission office you are required to bring:

1. National identity card if a citizen / residence permit if resident.
2. National identity card / residence permitif the admission papers are completed by a relative.
3. Medical insurance card.
4. The date of the operation if admission is for a procedure.
5. Plan to arrive for operations at 6 AM at the Admissions Office in Ground Floor of the Old Building.

Discharge Information & Process #

Kindly, note that the discharge procedure takes one to three hours after the doctor writes thedischarge order. If the patient does appear at the scheduled discharge appointment or leaves after 2 pm, the day of discharge will included in the patient’s account.

Discharge process:

1. Discharge Request
2. Drugs prescribed at discharge
3. Preparation of prescribed drugs
4. Fee audit
5. Completion of discharge procedures by the Admissions Office

Discharge Procedures #

Discharge procedures are:

1. The doctor orders the discharge of the patient
2. Nursing staff processes the discharge
3. Prescriptions are prepared
4. Pharmacy prepares the medicines prescribed for the patient
5. Discharge data entry is performed and reviewed by the Data Entry Department on each floor
6. The Admissions Offices reviews and finalizes discharge and financial procedures.

Payment Methods at Admission Office #

Payment methods at the admission office are (Cash – ATM card – Visa – MasterCard – bank transfer (provided that you bring copies of the transfer details and coordinate in advance) – certified check)

Companions #

1. The hospital provides a bed for one companion as all rooms are equipped with a convertible bed if a family member wishes to stay with the patient.
2. Female companions can enjoy the spa and skincare services provided by Wellness Center for a fee.

Postpartum Procedures #

After delivery, the husband should go to the Reports and Notifications Department to issue a new birth notification and request a family / residence card and a baby’s name.

Patient Complains #

We aim to provide the best health care for our patients.

We would like to know if you are not satisfied with your care or if you feel that you have not received your desired medical attention. So do not worry, you can submit a complaint and your complaint will be taken seriously and discussed with the department involved.

Ways to Submit Your Complaint #

If you have a complaint please contact us by phone or via e-mail,or go directly to the Patient Relations Office, or fill out a patient satisfaction questionnaire.
You can communicate with the Patient Relations Department via telephone, mobile, and – email:

Telephone: 0135369666 Ext: 1270 or 1423

Mobile: 0552952660

Email: p.relations1@almoosahospital.com.sa

How We Deal With Complaints #

The Patient Relations Team will immediately investigate all complaints and respond to most of them within 48 hours.

Some complaints require a longer time, depending on the nature of the complaint and the need for further investigation.

For Visitors #

The following section contains information to help make your visit to Almoosa Specialist Hospital as pleasant and as convenient as possible.

Visiting Hours & Policies #

AlMoosa Specialist Hospital understands that Family and Friend’s support are important to patient’s healing and value the Patient-Directed Visiting Hours as a tool to help achieve it.

General Visiting Guidelines #

As a courtesy to the other patients and respect for their privacy and well-being in a semi-private or shared room, the hospital will limit the number of visitors to a maximum of 2 visitors. Nurses have the obligation to assess and make recommendations on the number of visitors in the best interest of patient’s recovery.

In the event that a visitor or family member become disruptive or abusive is unsafe, unit staff may request that the visitor leave the premises or ask Security to escort them from the facility.

Visitors are encouraged to strictly adhere to infection control practices. The charge nurse will teach and hygiene and hand washing techniques to visitors.

Infection Prevention Precautions:  In order to make the environment safe and pleasant for all patients, safety measures are:

Visitors with symptoms of a cold or infectious disease or who have recently been exposed to a communicable disease may be asked to postpone visiting in the hospital until symptoms subside.

Visiting children should be free of signs and symptoms of illness.

Visitation of patients on isolation precautions and those who are immunocompromised: Isolation signs shall be posted requesting visitors to speak to the nurse for instructions.  Nursing staff will provide instructions on how to use protective equipment.  Accordingly, visitors will be expected to wash their hands before  and after visiting with patients.

Visitors may be restricted during times of high levels of communicable illness or outbreaks

For births, the patient’s mother and husband may be allowed to attend the delivery.

ICU Visiting Hours & Guidelines #

One immediate family member may beat the patient’s bedside. However, all patients under isolation may not have a companion.

Every patient who is newly transferred to the ICU is on Isolation Precautions for  48 hours and shall not be eligible for companions during this time.

In case of codes or other clinical restrictions, a dedicated staff member will explain and comfort the family during of the procedure.

– Other family members may visit during the following hours:

– 1300-1400 Hours and 2030-2200 Hours Daily.

– Children below 12 years of age shall not be allowed.

– Not more than 2 visitors at a time.

PICU Visiting Hours & Guidelines #

Parents can visit any time provided that they are asymptomatic.

However, in case of codes or other clinical restrictions, one dedicated staff member will explain and comfort the family during the procedure

Other family members may visit during the following hours:

 1300-1400 Hours and 2030-2200 Hours Daily.

– Not more than 2 visitors at a time

– Children below 12 years of age shall not be allowed. However, siblings of the patient who are below 12 may request special visitation. This information should be relayed to the charge nurse who will perform a quick triage of the sibling to determine eligibility. The sibling will then be instructed to follow appropriate infection control precautions, and be required to demonstrate understanding of the information before supervised visit.

NICU Visiting Hours & Guidelines #

Parents can visit anytime provided that they are asymptomatic.

In case of codes or other clinical restrictions, one dedicated staff member will explain and comfort family member during the/procedure.

No other visitors are allowed.

Other Inpatient Units #

Al Moosa Specialist Hospital respects the visitation rights of the patient’s family and friends.

Such patients’ family is free to visit the patient at all times. However, the hospital will observe “Quiet Time” (please see below) between  2300 Hours and  0500 Hours. Visitors will be limited to those defined by the patient as essential during Quiet Time.

To maintain a restful, healing environment we ask that all family, friends and visitors leave the hospital by 10:00 p.m.

The Hospital may impose clinical restrictions on a patient’s visitation.

Any visitors under the age of 12 anywhere in the hospital including a patient’s room or unit must be supervised.

The Hospital shall not restrict, limit or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity or disability.

When restricting visitation rights, the Hospital shall explain to the patient the reasons for the restrictions or limitations on the patient’s visitation and how the Hospital’s visitation policies are aimed at protecting the health and safety of all patients.

Hospital Quiet Time #

The hospital will observe “Quiet Time” between 2300 Hours and 0500 Hours during which noise and activities will be minimized to the greatest extent possible.
Unit staff shall dim the lights and minimize noise and patient interruptions. During this time, patients and visitors are encouraged to minimize the activities and noise as much as possible.

Visitors shall be asked to partner with us in helping us control noise by:
– Speaking softly
– Placing their cell phone setting on vibrate.
– Limiting movement in the hall

Waiting Areas #

When a member of your family is undergoing a medical procedure, you can wait in one of our waiting areas that was designed for your comfort.
In each center there are places to wait- for one for men and one for ladies.

In each lounge, the following services are provided:

– A comfortable seating area.
– Telephones.
– WiFi.

Games Booth #

Available for children in the waiting rooms of each of the following centers:

– Emergency center
– Dental center
– Ophthalmology Center

Kids Club #

For registered children, children’s games have been carefully designed to suit the child’s movement. The games were carefully selected to protect the child from any danger.

Games Room #

It is adjacent to Alaa Alsaleh Pediatric Center where you can place your children when you visit patients to protect them from infection.
Times of the Games Room:
From 8:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Other Waiting Areas #

Costa Café: located in the main entrance of the Hospital and in the Medical Tower Bridge.
Costa Café offers all kinds of coffee, cakes and desserts.

Interpreter Services #

We are committed to providing an interpreter for you and your beloved ones with care and quality, in the language you prefer. If you need medical information in a non-Arabic language, staff at Almoosa Specialist Hospital can provide appropriate translation for you and your companions to overcome cultural or linguistic barriers. This service is available for all departments;  nursing units, nursing supervisors and telephone personnel .We have interpreters for Arabic – English – Russian – Tagalog – Urdu – Malayalam – Portuguese – Bangladeshi – Kashmiri – Italian – French

This service is free for our patients and their families.

All hospital staff can help you arrange language services.

You can also contact the Interpreter’s Office at: Telephone: 0135369666 Ext: 1272 or 1423

Mosques #

There are two mosques in the hospital. One is dedicated for men and located in front of the Main Reception in the Second Floor. The second one is dedicated for women and located on the Second Floor of the Medical Tower in front of OB\GYN Reception.

Directions & Parking #

The following section contains information on how to reach the hospital and how to move around Al-Ahsa region.

Directions #

Almoosa Specialist Hospital is located at the following address:

Dharan St | Alfaisal District | Al-Ahsa P.O. Box 5098 Eastern Province | Saudi Arabia

Parking #


The hospital has underground parking for 150 cars and surface parking for 100 cars.  Both are easily accessible from Dharhan Street.

Valet Parking

The hospital also provides valet parking for patients and visitors located at the hospital entrance.  Security officers can assist in all your parking needs.

Public Transportation #

Mobility in Al-Ahsa:

Al –Ahsa can be reached using modern transport services at all times.

Air Transport #

Al-Ahsa International Airport serves Al-Ahsa and is west of Hofuf, with convenient hotels, markets, and ground transportation. The airport serves flights from Riyadh, Jeddah, and Medina, with direct international service from Egypt, Sharjah, and Dubai.

Trains #

The trains of the General Organization of Railways provide safe and convenient transport between Al-Ahsa, Riyadh, and Dammam, with stops at stations along the route. Trains are available throughout the week at varying schedules. The Al-Ahsa Station is centrally located between Hofuf and Al-Ahsa, five minutes from their centers.

For more information, click the following link:


Taxis (Limousine) #

One of the most popular means of transport in Al-Ahsa is its taxi service, including Uber, Karim, and private limousine services. Such services are excellent and taxis arrive quickly, with fares being affordable and based on distance.

Car Rental Offices #

If you are a tourist who would like to discover Al-Ahsa and its environs at your own pace, you can rent special cars that suit the terrain. Car rental offices are located throughout in Al-Ahsa and offer affordable prices.

Bus Service #

There is public bus service between Al-Ahsa and various cities in the Kingdom from the Al-Ahsa Bus Station, and private coaches are also available.

For more information, click the following link:


Road Network #

Modern highways link Al-Ahsa with neighboring cities and countries. –From Al-Ahsa, you can easily drive to Riyadh (350 km) or visit Khurais or Kharj.
You can drive through Riyadh and then to Mecca and Medina. The highway from Al-Ahsa to Dammam is fast and leads to Abqaiq and connections to Dhahran, Al Khobar, Qatif, Jubail, Bahrain, Kuwait and the Levant.

Hospital Amenities #

The following section contains information about food options and other services available at or near to Almoosa Specialist Hospital.

VIP Services #

The VIP service has been introduced to provide exceptional services for our special clients. The VIP service welcomes you and assists in completing all the procedures related to the services required from the hospital starting from medical file request until booking the follow-up appointment.
Note: VIP services are the same services provided to all patients in the same efficiency and effectiveness. However, because the time of VIPs is limited we expedite the procedures for them.

Working hours for VIP lounges are:
Daily from 8 am to 12 noon and from 4 pm to 8 pm.

After-hours assistance can be arranged in advance by calling  VIP Services at:

Telephone: 01353069666 Ext: 9669
Mobile: 0505730880
E-mail: vip@almoosahospital.com.sa

Dining Options #

Many dinning options are available for patients and visitors both inside the hospital and in the surrounding area. Several options are listed in the next section.

Food & Nutrition Services #

– Patients can choose their daily meals from a variety of cultural options from the international menu provided in the room.

– Room Services is available 24 hours daily.

– There are special menus for patient with special diet, including those with diabetes.

– If you are visiting aloved one in the hospital, you can order the same meal your loved one is having.

– There is no cost for a companion meal (only one companion)

– To place your order, call Food and Nutrition Services at …….

Costa Café #

– Two locations Located on the ground floor adjacent to the New Tower entrance and in the bridge on the second floor.

– Features variety of coffee, espresso drinks, smoothies, prepared sandwiches and salads, fresh baked goods and snacks.

– Open daily from 6:00 am to 2:00 am.

Vending Machines #

– Vending machines are located throughout the hospital. Please ask unit personnel for directions to the nearest machine.

– Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Vending machines accept cash only. Credit cards are not accepted.

Grocery Store #

– The store is located on the ground floor in the old building. It has access to Dhahran St.

– The store Offers a variety of products and snacks.

– It is open from 5:30 am to 12:30 am.

Cafeteria “for staff only” #

– Hospital staff service is served in the Staff Cafeteria between 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

– Open daily from Saturday to Thursday (excluding holidays).

– Located in the Old Building, third floor.

Local Restaurants #

There are also many local restaurants near Almoosa Specialist Hospital, including:

– Relish Burger.

– Casa Pasta.

– Fridays.

– Hardees.

– Pizza Hut.

– Sinyar.

– KFC.

– Maestro Pizza.

– Domino’s Pizza.

– La Terrace.

– Bun and Patty.

– Royal Neem.

Gifts & Flower Shops #

You can find the gift and flower shop in the main lobby of the new tower building. The shop offers a range of items that provide you or your loved ones a little pick-me-up in the hospital. Items available at the gift and flower shop include :

– Baby gifts.

– Candles.

– Cards.

– Flowers.

– Games, toys, and plush animals.

– Fresh flower bouquets.

Opening Hours: 9 am to 12 pm & 5 pm to 9 pm.

Events, Classes & Support Groups #

Please visit our home page, social media accounts, or events calendar to learn more about Events, Classes & Support Groups at Almoosa Specialist Hospital.

Pharmacy #

Pharmacy location:

– Outpatient pharmacy: located on the ground floor at the new tower. It is open 24 hours a day.

– Inpatient ARAMCO pharmacy in the first floor of the old building. It is open 24 hours a day.

Retail pharmacy services:

– Medications.

– Food supplements.

– Mother and baby supplies.

– Cosmetics and make up.

– Dedicated area for Medical consultation and testing.

– Children’s area.

ATMs #

Alawaal Bank ATMs are located at the following locations :

– Ground floor old building Gate number 3

– Second-floor new tower adjacent to Staff Elevators

Library #

Recourses available:

– Internet access.

– Electronic books.

– Research guide.

– Database.

– Books.

– Newspapers.

– Magazines.

– Opening hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm daily

WiFi #

Almoosa specialist hospital offers free Wi-Fi in the public areas. To connect:

– Choose almoosa hospital in your device network settings and connect.

– Ask the reception for the password.

Virtual Tour #

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